Waiting for the demo (…)

Today the fans of PES can download the demo of the new chapter and enjoy the first few games. For us fans of Fifa, however, the wait will be longer! Several sites report as very probable release date, the September, 8; everybody agree that we should not wait more than tuesday 13. I am impatient!

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The future of the modding

My main concern, as always, is not so much to discover, from the start, all the news. I look for the demo to see if, in the coming year, I will have fun with editing! We are facing a crossroads. If the changes introduced, will result in radical changes to the structure of the files, it will be difficult to adjust the main editing tools. Not only my own ones. Even the legendary Creation Master, for example, begins to suffer the test of time! Changes made to conform with the evolution of the game, year after year, have undermined the reliability of different functions. EmoAnsiaWe need to hope that Master Rinaldo still has the desire and time to devote to Fifa. I wonder if it is still his favorite hobby ?!

As regards the Suite, it is decisive that the Regenerator and the database i/o procedures, continue to operate. Everything else, changes to graphics files, presumably introduced with the advent of the new Frostbite engine, we will be able to digest calmly!

The restyling and the Controller updates

The release of version 2.9 Olympic of the Suite, in addition to the two new tools Exporter and Updater, has introduced several innovations that will be comfortable later. Now, with the start of the new football season, we need an upgrade for many of the patches automatically distributed with the Controller. We will have to correct the names of the teams and tournaments, the stadiums and the managers, to deal with the missing licenses, as always. This year, with the appropriate Scripter command, it should also be possible to immediately update the database, with the ‘last hour transfers’, that EA will not have time to enter!

The new “Serie A the Match patch”

Among the automatically downloadable content, you will find a small innovation, especially interesting for the Italian fans. It is a patch that allows you to install specific flags and banners, for the Serie A biggest match of the week. I do not promise to be able to always update it, but I will try, as much as possible! I started last week with Juventus-Fiorentina, now it’s up to Napoli-Milan! Attention, you will need the Revolution Mod correctly installed.

napolimilanRon69 kits packs

Among the most interesting works that I found on the net, there are definitely the Ron69‘s graphic packs. They are well made, because he collects the work of more editers (the kits are by Master Tunevi), completed by the lua file, that allows you to adjust colors, collars and all you need, without having to change the database. I requested and received permission to publish some of them for the automatic download with the Controller; let’s start with Everton! To avoid misunderstandings and much of questions, I precise that the patch is fully compatible with the ModdingWay Mod!!

evertonThe “National Teams Cut Off Age Patch”

Finally, one last chore! The game is designed to block the national call-ups of players over 35 years of age. It’s a choice certainly realistic, but, I do not like it! With this patch, the limit will be moved to 40 years, so we will continue to see Ibra do its magics for the Sweden !!


It’s enough, I’m tired of writing! Waiting for the demo … see you soon!


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