i68FlagEng    (link alla versione in italiano)

i68Updater is a precious tool, from long time waited and desired. With it, you can update the rosters of the game on any database, original or edited. Data will be drawn from the EA official online updates or from a career mode files.

How it works?

The UPDATER is very easy to use, but it takes time to do tasks. It happens because to complete the entire merge cycle of many tables, the software must execute several thousand queries.

By clicking on the panel will start the data loading: you can choose any EA Sports saving file. It means that the update can be done also from a career mode file. This way, with a few manual changes, you can start a new career from where it left off the previous one.

Once confirmed the choice of the origin of the data, the data merge process starts automatically


As usual, the option button lets you choose between three ways of working.

  • In minimal mode, the program is set to do only the indispensable. Will be updated the tables related to the rosters (formations, teamlinks, lineups) and added missing players and teams. No changes will be made to other existing data.
  • The second mode is the conservative default one. In this case, the program will update multiple tables (playerloans, previousteam, manager, player_grudgelove) and, for the rest, it will behave as before. This option lasts nearly a quarter of an hour, on a PC equipped with Intel Core I5 processor.
  • Finally, there is the full option. In this mode, the software will update all data, including the values and stats of leagues, teams and players.


Still another time, I recommend making a backup of your database, before doing anything!