The last update of the year!

Hello! As, I hope, each of you, I have had a great family Christmas day and now I’m enjoying this holiday week with my favorite hobbies (!!!). Yesterday, however, I found the time and the courage to install Windows 10
on the old PC … this explains why you will find a new update of the suite! In fact I have come across and immediately corrected some flaws of which I could not realize before. It remains the big problem of the extraction of files from the archives which limits development of some ideas and, as Rinaldo seems to have no time to update its library, I will try to do myself over the next few months! While I was… I tested the controller on Fifa13: with a few changes, now works like a charm even the Scripter!

With this version (2.2.2) you can use the template MISCELLANEOUS to enable fancards in career mode and change the ‘match Importance’ factor for every competition.
I also added a new command for assigning birth dates to the players so you can easily rejuvenate your favourite stars that you would not ever see to grow old!
I have not had time, however, to complete the tool for the automatic update of the rosters (taking the online ones released weekly by EA), still needs some hour of work!

I wish you the best for the new year to come.
Good order and good start!!


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