Something new with i68Controller!

Yes, it’s time to do something new with the resources that the suite provides us! This is a small preview of what will be possible (and easy to do!) as soon as the Scripter will be ready!
For now we need to work manually, without the comfort of a UI, but what we are going to do are really elementary operations.

Note that, from about an hour, the 2.0.3 version of the program it’s been released. This is the bridge update that prepares the ground for the transition to Fifa16 and there will be no other before the release of the first version designed specifically for the new season. I recommend that you upgrade before continuing or some functions may not work perfectly.

Our purpose is to add a third kit for Barcelona so that it can be used in the demo.
Of course this method also works for full editions from 12 onwards and Fifa16 when it comes out. You need the database (you can download it directly from the controller by pressing the right mouse button) and the revolution mod (simply download the .rar and load it with the Installer).



The first thing is to get a good kit by downloading the rx3 created by one of our talented editors! We will use the one perfectly made by my friend Luca77 (thanks!!!) that you have to download here!
Now, let’s open a new text document with notepad and let’s write this lines…

CloneTeamKit (241, 1, 3, 0)
SetKitCollar(241, 3, 0, 0)
SetKitColors (241, 3, 0, Azure, Azure, Black)
SetJerseyNameColor (241, 3, 0, Navy)
//SetNumbersColors (241, 3, 0, Navy, Navy)

So the first line makes a copy of the Barcelona (241) away kit (1) and names it as third kit (3).
Then we work on this new kit (241, 3, 0): we set the collar (0) and the colors for every part.
As you can see, I disabled the fifth command (corresponding to the numbers) which would generate a texture error if we have not available a set of blue numbers for barcelona. I will leave you to do this step by your own!

Now let’s save the file as myscript.txt.

At this point we just have to launch i68Controller and click on the Installer panel. The program will ask you to choose the files to install, we will enable the search for “all files” by changing the default setting in the window to the left and then we will load simultaneously the .rar file you have downloaded (containing the .rx3 file of the kit) and our just created myscript.txt.

If we did everything right, i68Controller has recognized both and arranges itself for installation.
Again a click on the panel and we’re done!

Easy and quick, just take a little practice!! Here I attach a help file with a list of all commands related to the kits and already operatives. There you can find all the information and details required.

And now, after checking our playmode is offline, let’s click on the Launcher panel.
Nothing else, we can play the clásico with the third Barcelona kit!



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