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The Regenerator is a simple tool that allows you to rebuild EASports Fifa Series indexes (.BH) files. Although it is designed as a module in itself, the program is now integrated as a part of the fifa-suite i68Controller.

How it works?

The REGENERATOR takes care of your modding work! This means that, choosing the Editing Enabled option, new indexes will not contain references to all files you have edited and stored in your folders. The game will show every change made, also if the original files are still contained in your .big archives!


By selecting the second option, Editing Disabled, all modified files will be ignored and the game will be restored to its original condition. Click on the lower left button to switch options.

The regeneration process is not required ONLY when you want to replace a file that is already in the game. You don’t need to regenerate when you want to add a new asset.

The Regenerator is very useful every time you experience a crash after installing anything. First, restore the game using the Editing Disabled option and test it works properly. After, apply your edits by steps, by regenerating with the Editing Enabled option, to find which files cause the conflict.

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