News, updates and CG File Server!

engflagGoodmorning everyone! Several days have elapsed since the last time I was able to find time to update the site and participate actively in various forums. I apologize to those who follow in the hope of finding some useful information or some news. In spite of myself, I recently had to,change the location of my job, now I have a thousand things to do more than before and very little free time to write!

Meanwhile, the game and its dynamics are beginning to enter the phase routine, it is spring, one would like to go out, to do something else… like In short, I report the updates that came out for some of the most important mods: the 1.2 version of the Scouser09‘s Revolution Mod adds some minor features, regarding the podium and award ceremonies; the ModdingWay Mod, now in version 4.53, adds a bunch of club teams and national and, above all, the chance to play the Copa Libertadores in career mode without losing any of the trophies usually available.

As for the software, the only significant novelty is the beta version of the CG File Server of Shawminator, albeit with a few more steps, you can use the stadiums without having to use the Creation Master and restart the ongoing careers. The program is not perfect yet, but promises very, very well! In addition to the management of the stadiums, the CG File Server allows you to assign custom scoreboards and various other things, including, if I remember correctly, even the musical introductions to matches.

There are not big news on the front Fifa 17… on some sites you will come to conjecture a completely new graphics engine, but there is no confirmation and the hypothesis looks quite “imaginative” and too good to be true! For now we have to be content and enjoy the challenge of the covers, on the web we can found dozens. I propose you the one that I like most, which portrays Jamie Vardy and pays tribute to Leicester City that, with all my heart, I hope they can finish in triumph their magnificent ride. In Italy, unfortunately, it can not happen anymore… “gods” do not want!



Finally, my work. As mentioned, lately, I have not much time to devote to the editing, but I am continuing to update and develope i68Controller (last update, 2.2.5 version), adding new commands for the Scripter and improving the efficiency of the old ones. If the Fifa17 structure will not change radically, next year, most of the functions will work just a few days after the day one, permitting, from the start, a most rewarding gaming experience!

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