i68Controller 1.1 released

img_engHello everyone! The new i68Controller 1.1 is online now!

Despite the problems that prevent me to dedicate myself to my favorite game are far from solved… thanks to a trivial influence that kept me home from work a few days, I was able to prepare the necessary for this new version that contains all updates and the debugging work that I had already completed in last October and I have not been able to share with you.

The download of the updated 1.1 version of the suite is ready in the specific area of this site, even if all the users of the previous version will automatically download this update at the first utilisation of the tool.



As you can see from the image above there is a big news! It’s a new tool, powerful, which I called MERGER, dedicated primarily to expert users and in particular to the authors of large patches, because it serves to melt in the current database, tables and data from different other databases. With this tool you can get great results in a short time or make big messes! In the dedicated page you can find more information and directions on how to use it.

The continuous evolution of the game and codifications (some of them still not “discovered”), fatigue and problems involving several historical editors and valuable programmers, puts in doubt, for the future, the possibility of a deep modding as we have known in recent years. We need new forces and new resources, with enthusiasm, time and, above all, knowledge in step with the times. For me, it is difficult to imagine a version 16 of my tools, unless the changes in the next edition of the game are really minimal.

Health and greetings to all!


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