Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone! It’s a bit of time that I do not write because, as you all, I think, I’m very busy with preparations for Christmas, the rehearsals of the choir that I direct, and I have no time to play and edit!

red_santa_hatHowever, within a very short time, you will find an automatic update of the software that solves some minor problems of the Installer (errors in the installation paths of fancards and cornerflags) and above all allows the Merger to open and use the files of the online updates and of the career mode.

For now, those who want to upgrade rosters and lineups on their db, must do all the six essential steps (dcplayernames, teamplayerlinks, formations, teams, players and default_teamsheets), ten for perfectionists (playerloans, manager, previousteam, player_grudgelove)! For some tables (players, teams), it is preferable to perform the merge using the AddOnly mode, so you do not lose all the personal changes, in other cases it is essential to use the AddOverwrite mode.

At the same time or some days later, it will be available the Torino Graphic Patch which makes all new ‘the Taurus’ (il ‘Toro’ as we love to name it!) for the Italy Cup derby and replace, into the list of the available downloads, the Torino Minifaces Patch now obsolete! Who does not see it immediately, must to activate the full scrolling for the patches tool (the small button, under the panel, on the right).

patch2Instead, as soon as I can I will try to release two new tools, the first one will automatically apply to any db the weekly roster updates released by mom EA, the second will be used to export any table to dbmaster/excel format.


Finally, I can only wish you the best for Christmas and the New Year!



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