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i68Merger is an extremely powerful tool, which lets you merge data from any compatible table in the current database. The data source can be a table extracted from any database of the FIFA NG series (Fifa 12-16).

What is it for?

The MERGER is very easy to use and allows you to do many things. But at the same time, it requires more than a middle level of knowledge in the database to prevent that even the simplest operation will end with a magnificent game crash!

With this tool you can mix data from any ordinary or local database, from all saved files of the career mode and from the online updates. Its most useful feature is the union of entire tables exported as text files or parts of them. Tables can be saved in .txt format with the Exporter tool provided by the suite or with the famous DBMaster. If needed you can use Excel to work on the data before the merge.

How it works?

The tool comes as usual, the first click on the panel will start the data loading. For safety, you are notified whenever changes to the chosen table implies the need to adapt other tables, consequently.


The second click on the panel will initiate the procedure for merging data.



The button at the bottom left, lets you choose between three different ways of working:

  • In its default configuration, the program is set to operate in add & overwrite mode. This means that the union of data will be done in order that all the records in the source table and missing in the target database, will be added and all common data will be overwritten. Only the records present in the target database and missing in the source table will be kept unchanged.
  • The second mode is add only. In this case, the program will add new records and all the data of the target database will be maintained unchanged.
  • The last option is overwrite only. In this mode, the program will not add any new record, but all common data will be overwritten.


An example

It is evident that the MERGER it is an extremely versatile instrument! Playing with the different options, you can achieve extraordinary results. An expert use of this tool allows, in a few steps, to perform complex operations that otherwise would be impossible or extremely laborious.

For a simple example, you can imagine to have the database of a patch which brings to the game real referees for several countries and adds many additional kits. Finally the good work revises and corrects the managers names for all the teams.

Imported apart the graphic assets, we just have to load the database with the tool and perform the following three steps

  1. for the referees we have to use the ADD & OVERWRITE mode. The work done by the author is very accurate and nothing will happen to the irish referees I have already added … I play a career with an irish team 🙂
  2. regarding the kits, I’ll choose the mode ADD ONLY because I have spent so many time to make myself all those Irish… For sure, I do not want to lose all this work!
  3. for the managers finally, I will execute the merge in CHANGE ONLY mode, since I need only an update of the existing data.

I always recommend making a backup of your database. The program is extensively tested since I use it for a long time, but the tables are so many… In some cases the change from version to version of the game involves problems. Often are solvable easily, but before, they must be identified and understood. And time is only what it is.

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