i68FlagEng (link alla versione in italiano)

i68Installer is the utility that the suite i68Controller provides for the automated installation of almost, all edited files! It’s  easy to use and very useful as it simplifies many manual processes. It avoids conflicts and errors, especially to those who are not very familiar with the structure and the files of the game.

What is it for?

The INSTALLER is able to locate any Fifa file, and place the modified version exactly where it must to go. The corresponding index file will be synchronized automatically, so the game can use it. For this reason there is no need of further regeneration procedure!

If in your system is installed the Jenkey’s FileLoader (Fifa 14 only), the program takes this into account, and moves the files in the path established from his configuration file.

Is it possible to “add” files that do not exist in the original version of the game? Yes. This app is able to recognize virtually every type of graphic asset and the majority of the files introduced by Scouser09 with his Revolution Mod.  This includes all lua assignments and the automatic assets marked by the prefixes “generic*”, “specific*” and “player*”. i68Installer works with configuration files and imports in the database the tables as exported with the Rinaldo’s DBMaster (or Excel…). Finally, it execute the scripts made with i68Scripter!

How it’s works?

The button on the left under the panel, allows you to choose between three options:

  • the All files mode, sets the program for the installation of all recognized elements
  • the option Only EA files allows you to restrict the installation only to the original files of the game, in order to preserve the online functionality
  • the Not overwrite mode, has been added recently to prevent that our favorite edits are replaced by the ones of the installation in progress: so, the program will install all the recognized files but without overwriting anything of what already exists. With this option enabled the scripts will not run


The procedure is intuitive. With the first click on the panel, the dialog window appears for loading files, one at a time or in groups. The compressed archives are managed, limited to the formats “.zip” and “.rar”. When the control procedure is terminated, a previews button will be activated.


With the next click on the panel, all recognized files will be installed.

Logos limitations

Finally, I point out how to solve the problem that prevents the recognition of some logos. The question arises because files are identical, with the same name and same size, and the program may not be able to distinguish. To get around this, logos must be distributed within a compressed archive, containing an image of the folders, such as to reproduce the correct installation path of the files.