Installer’s capabilities extended!


Hi!  🙂

Step by step, editing “my fifa” as you, I’m coming to discover some errors and limitations in the functionality of the suite that, if possible, I try to solve immediately! As result, the Installer’s capabilities have been extended!

This is why of the last update (1.1.1), available for automatic download from a few hours, which fixes some bugs in the navigation between the panels and, above all, allows the installer to manage a set of files that were not recognized from the previous version. These are the files related to the boots (whose names conventions are changed in the transition from version 14 to 15) and all accessories related to the warmup, particularly the tracksuits that I like so much!

Along with this, you will find a complete set of adboards for the Italian SerieA,  beautifully made by Gothlay, a very Italian and so skilled guy!

Here you will also find the direct link to the thread where he published his work on the forum of Soccergaming and the link to the download page of the same patch on FifaInfinity: there, you will also find a ‘stadiums’ table improved, an easy way to activate the electronic adboards in the three Italian stadiums!
And, in this regard, I recommend you to load and install it, using the Merger tool of the suite, in “overwrite only” mode!



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