Holidays over, it’s time to upgrade i68Controller!|


Here we are, with the holidays winding down for almost all,  Fifa16 is coming, it’s time for big announcements! Completed with moderate satisfaction the testing phase, over the weekend, will be released version 2.0 of the suite i68Controller!

emotristeIt’s been a long and complicated. I found, in spite of myself, that rewrite a program so that it is perfectly compatible and similar to a previous one is far more laborious to do it again from scratch! But in Italy we say that “he, who is the cause of his ill, cry himself” and thus, just exceeded my “valley of tears”, I have taken the last functioning backup (of the first of August 2014!) and now, finally, I can pick up where I left off!

As mentioned, the new version is in all respects similar to the previous one, except to some structural changes (databases, if needed, have to be downloaded with the apposite function) and, especially, the small size of the installation package (in this regard, we can still improve a little) which should limit considerably the issues related to the monthly limit of data traffic on the server, which I have to undergo in order to avoid unreasonable costs for a site created and maintained for fun!

All tools have been refined and reported bugs corrected. Of course, havingemoehm to rewrite much of the code, I may have committed other errors… patience, if will jump out, I will fix them! As always, let me know!

My future plans involve primarily the adjustment of the software for it to work on the new chapter that it will be released in September, so the addition of a new tool, the SCRIPTER, which I have still to write just I/O management. The biggest concerns lie in the possibility that, this year, EA “mom” turns into … “stepmother”, and decides to encrypt (EASF encoding) also graphic files making modding an enormous task and taking away, in fact, much of fun! I do not hide the hope that some “lovers” particularly skilled can overcome this barrier … but skepticism grows inevitably, as the great masters of historical editing, leave for reasons of age (hee…) or the occurrence of difficulties and changes that prevent from spending so much time for a game … We’ll see!

See you soon for the download!

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