Have you missed me?

engflagI hope at least a little, since it’s a long time since I write!
Well, anyway… good morning to all of you crazy people! Missed? The reason is that in this period, in addition to solving various chains of common life … I upgraded the operating system of the PC! From now on, all updates to the suite, will be compiled and fully functional under Windows 10, even considering that the latest version of the valuable Rinaldo’s library is now compatible with the new system.

Today, it’s been released a new version (2.2.4) that contains also several new commands for the Scripter! In particular, it point out the possibility of modifying the OR of any player simply indicating the delta to be applied (positive or negative). All parameters involved, role by role, will be automatically adjusted accordingly. Browse the PLAYERSscript template to discover all the available commands.

The 2.9.1 version of ModdingWay Mod is online and contains virtually all the legends of football playable with an ‘ad hoc’ tournament, and, if desired, even in career mode! Of course, in this way, playing the games is less realistic and a bit ‘too full of champions’… but for fun, it’s all good!
If you prefer add just someone, imagining to view him boy, reborn in his original club, here’s how to do:

Rivera (vanilla version of the game)
SetPlayerAge (Rivera.Gianni, 08.18.97)  ‘the player will be 19 years old
AddPlayerCall (Rivera.Gianni, Milan, 06.30.2015)
AdjustPlayerOverallRate (Rivera.Gianni, -20) ‘new OR 91-20=71
SetPlayerGenericTableValue (Rivera.Gianni, potential, 91)

Maradona (with moddingway 2.9.1 installed)
SetPlayerAge (Maradona.Diego Armando, 10.30.1998)  ‘he will be 18
AddPlayerCall (Maradona.Diego Armando, 111019, 06.30.2015)
AdjustPlayerOverallRate (Maradona.Diego Armando, -18) ‘OR 96-18=78
SetPlayerGenericTableValue (Maradona.Diego Armando, potential, 97)

And if you want to see el Pibe de Oro in Naples again after a couple of years?
AddPlayerLoan (Maradona.Diego Armando, Napoli, 30.06.2018)

mariveraBut the best news is that I have almost finished writing the Updater, a new tool that will let you upgrade any database with the online rosters released weekly by easports. I’m late for a few months because I met some more problems than expected and I had to adapt different routines of the Merger! Still a little patience and this will be done, then I will think about next season: if they don’t change radically the file management and especially the database, I plan an Importer for players and teams and a Randomizer that can renew and make unpredictable the career mode. This tool will work through a massive but logical and measured intervention, on the budgets and on the prestige of the teams and, above all, on the potential (not OR) of the players.

Finally, I point out that at this link, on the portal of FifaMania.it, you can download a fantastic pack with all the kits of the italian Serie B, perfectly realized by our L77 (Serie A had already been published and can be found here). Most of the third shirts and those alternatives can not be used without first adding them to the database. You can do it with the new Rinaldo’s Creation Master, one at a time, or using the Scripter. If a pious soul will have time and inclination to write a script to add all automatically (I do not have the time to do it!), I’d be happy to post it!

See you next time!

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