Finally… FIFA 15!!!

FIFA 15 (EA Sports)

Has arrived! Mid of the world is already playing… and even here, those who have already bought and pre-loaded via Origin, with a trick, discovered yesterday thanks to a friend!

My opinion? It is a great game, fun and graphically gorgeous! Sure it’s early, as always, the flaws will come out, but I am convinced that we will have much fun and above all, very much more than last year!

The bad notes, are coming from the front of editing, at least for now: it seems impossible to modify the database because of a new system for compression/encryption adopted, which prevents access also to other important files. More complicated than expected even the graphic editing, but at least for this, there is confidence that we can solve quickly enough!

But there is a very good news: the master Jenkey has already released the first version of its precious File Explorer (here the link to the blog author) and in the next few days will try to ‘get to grips’ with the new algorithm, we are in his hands!!

Finally, the Controller: the program has already been updated so that it can run on the 15, but the database operations are not available. The Regenerator works, but can not handle files larger than 2 gigabytes.

See you next time!


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