It’s the day of the Fifamania Superpatch!

img_engHello there!

The difficulties that prevent me from being “on the piece” as I would like are continuing and it is increasingly difficult to find time for update the site!

Not to mention the situation of the suite… 🙁  It’s been the victim of a real disaster: because of the haste, I restored my last backup that was dated in August and so all the work of this year has gone up in smoke!
Fortunately, the online version is stable (I continue to use it without problems) and also the Merger, although not totally complete, works well for the majority of operations!
In my spare time, I started to rewrite a bit of things, but this year we will not have other updates.

The next version (if there will be!), will be out in August and will be the preliminary release for the new EA chapter!

But let’s get to the good news: it is the day of the Fifamania Superpatch!!! Hooray! FifamaniaLogo
It’s a bit ‘easy’ than in most glorious past, but it remains a great work and the authors deserve a huge thanks!


Several people have already contacted me to ask me news about a possible coexistence of the Superpatch with the Moddingway Mod of which, inter alia, Ariel has already announced the release of an update with many new teams and several South American trophies enabled in career mode!

Well, it’s largely possible to mix the graphics extensions, despite having to give up the Superpatch database, from which, however and with only a few simple steps, we can import additional kits, the beautiful referees table, all the stadiums and manager names. Here how to do step by step!

  • First, you have to install the latest version of the ModdingWay Mod and make a backup copy of its database.
  • Open the installation archive of the Fifamania Superpatch and extract the contents of the entire folder ‘data’, overwriting all the existing files, TAKING CARE of EXCLUDE all the ones contained in the subfolder ‘loc’ (the local databases). Then rename the Fifamania database as you want and restore the MW one.
  • Launch the suite i68Controller: with the Merger, open the Fifamania database as you have just renamed and import the tables “teamkits” and “referees”, the first one by using the ‘add only’ mode, the second one using  ‘add and overwrite’ mode. If you want, do the same for tables “manager” and “teamstadiumnames” in the first case by choosing the ‘overwrite only’ mode and in the second case the ‘add and overwrite’ mode. Now, you have to recreate the indexes with the Regenerator.
  • Finally, for perfectionists and for those wanting to play with ‘Vicenza’ using the Fifamania graphics (instead of the MW one would work otherwise), you must rename/copy all the files with ID 112954 (the Borgocalcio/Vicenza) so that overrides the traditional Vicenza ID 1847 as chosen by MW (ex . kit_112954_0_0 of Fifamania SP must become kit_1847_0_0 in the mixed version).
    Any additional kit will necessarily be enabled via Creation Master or by correcting by hand the dedicated records (team id 112954) in the ‘teamkits’ table via DBMaster. Done this, remember to regenerate again!



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