(link alla versione in italiano)

i68FlagEng   i68Exporter is the tool that the suite i68Controller provides to extract in textual format (.txt), tables of any database. You can export data from all databases of the Fifa NG series and from EA saved files, as the career’s ones or the online roster updates. In the future, I would like to develope this instrument, in order to make possible the extraction of most of the graphics objects.

How it’s works?

The tool is very easy to use! The first click on the EXPORTER panel, as usual, will start the data reading.

ExporterENG1aThe second click on the tool panel will launch the procedure for exporting data. You need first to choose the table, then the path you want to save to.

ExporterENG2Exporter3Exporter4Ready. Now you can load data with Excel, study and work on it! Use the Merger to import your edits in the current database. Unfortunately, we still can not save changes to files of the career mode.

The button at the bottom left is disabled. Will come useful when the tool will be expanded and we will get new options.