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This is the downloads page of the i68Creations Tools!




Here is the official version 2.9.0 Olympic of the NG Suite i68Controller optimized for Fifa16, but compatible with Fifa15, Fifa14 and also Fifa13, Fifa12 (not all the features!).


The suite includes several tools:

  • the Launcher, to start the game in online or offline mode and to switch to up to five installations
  • the Regenerator, to rewrite the indices of the game in order to view edits and restore the game
  • the Installer, to put all your edits in the game
  • the Scripter, to execute list of commands and modify database, configuration files etc.
  • the Merger, to import in the game database, data from text tables, other databases and savings files
  • the Exporter, to extract and save tables in textual format from databases and saving files
  • the Updater, to bring database up-to-date with the EA online rosters and more



*************************** OLD TOOLS ***************************

Here, the definitive 4.5 version of the FIFA14 i68Regenerator.








and here, the final 4.5 version of the FIFA14 i68Installer







Have fun!

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