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After months of study and many, many hours of work, I am pleased to present Fifa i68Controller, whose last update, the version 3.0.0 Golden, will be online from 01/03/17.



What is it for?

The function of the program is managing and editing the new-gen versions of the FIFA series, the simulation game of EASports that, for years, has become a passion for many of us.

The goal of so much work is to make life easier for those who want to venture into the wonderful world of editing! All tools in the CONTROLLER are thought to be useful to me also, which for years, I have turned the game inside and out. Even more so, they will be an invaluable aid for those who, for the first time, decided to try to change, or add, even a simple team kit! The suite is connected with this site, from which automatically downloads news, patches and updates.

In this page, I will briefly describe the many features available and, in specifically, how to use the program’s main screen. More detailed informations on each tool will be available in the dedicated page on this blog and accessible also from the news panel.

The general commands

Just launched, the suite shows a menu, similar to the one I enjoyed in the game. You notice immediately a series of panels, each of which, features several tools and content. The panels are seven: three largest in the upper line, five in the bottom. By clicking on each panel, the active tool, recognizable from the image and from the displayed description, starts. Immediately below each panel, there are some controls:

  • A navigator, in the center, allows you to select the active content from those available for the panel
  • To the left of each navigator, usually, there is the options button relating to each instrument
  • To the right of the navigator, there can be a filter button, with which you can select whether to display all the contents, or just the most recent

NavigatorIn the bottom right you can see a group of buttons:

  • The buttons preview and info, are related to the current patch, visible in the special panel. The first will allow to view its content, the second, the description
  • Bottom right, the cancel button allows, if possible, to cancel or stop the current operation
  • Alongside, the precious log button, with which to display, at any time, the operations carried out
  • The exit button on the left allows you to exit the application
The Launcher panel

In the first upper left panel, the LAUNCHER tool finds his place. With this tool you can manage up to five different installations of the game. Each of them can be initiated either online or offline, depending on the need, and constitutes a different scenario. To select the desired scenario you will have to use the navigator, while the click on the panel will start the game. This mode must be activated through the appropriate button to the right, under the panel. To understand the full potential and operation, I suggest you to read the special page, available on this site.


The News panel

The central tab of the top line is the panel of the NEWS. The five more recents news flow automatically; the others are all accessible by activating the all option, through the appropriate button. A click on this panel, brings you directly to the web page linked to the deepening of this news.


The Patch Panel

With the third panel, it can directly install a nice amount of PATCH, made by me or made available by others. Through this tool, who wants, will be able to distribute its works that will be automatically made available to all i68Controller users.The program is flexible and powerful, able to perform complex changes on the database and on configuration files. The preview of the files to be installed and informations about the selected patch, are accessible via the two buttons previously described.


The first tools panel

The four panels of the bottom line, are home to a number of useful tools to carry out various operations. In the first, to the left, is the famous REGENERATOR, to rewrite the game indices and use our works. The application is very easy: a click on the panel, then just wait five seconds, which the application uses to carry out its task. With the options button you choose whether the game will have to take account or not of the changes made.

The second tools panel

From the alongside panel, you can access two instruments. The navigator under the tab, will allow to pass from one to another. The first is a powerful INSTALLER, to replace or add pretty much any game file. The click on the panel will invite you to upload files individually or groups. After the analysis, they will be available for preview and a new click on the panel will start the installation. The cancel button will allow you to cancel the procedure and upload other files.


The other tool is the SCRIPTER, a valuable utility, able to write, save, run and repeat sequences of commands. The many instructions available, allow editing the database and some of the career mode settings. Later, I will try to implement some commands, to manage .lua files of the Revolution Mod.


The third tools panel

Two other tools are placed in the next panel. The MERGER is an extraordinary program, used to merge data from different data sources. It handles any .txt table, all the NG databases and the files saved by the game, stored in the documents\fifa path. The Merger performs operations quickly and without errors. Same tasks, by hand or with tools such as Excel, would entail an enormous amount of time. Often, the database tables are interconnected and changes made on one of them reflected on other, to be able to use the tool without disasters, it is essential to have a good level of knowledge of database and structure of the game. In this regard, I remember that in order to avoid trouble, it is always enough to make a backup of the database, to be restored in case of need.


With the navigator you can access all’EXPORTER. The purpose of this new tool is to allow the extraction and saving in text format of any table of the game. The name suggests, for the future, the ability to expand the operativity to the .big files and main graphical objects. We will see!


The last tools panel

The fourth lower right panel, houses the UPDATER. It is one expected instrument for a long time! Thanks to it, becomes possible to import online updates of EA’s rosters and keep up to date the database. In addition, being able to access the saving files of the game, the Updater allows you to merge the ongoing career mode database, in the ordinary one.


The context menu

With the right mouse button, as usual, you access the context menu that contains information, useful links and a further series of specific functionality to be reckoned with:

  • the selection of the current application language
  • the manual choice of a different installation path of the game, to manage the demo versions and to get a way out, when the application fails in finding the registry keys …
  • the final transition to a newer version of the game that implies resetting of the scenarios
  • the execution and the eventual restoration of the backup copy of the database
  • the selection of the current local database, used by some tools and command scripts
  • when possible, the automatic installation of the original version of the game database, indispensable for the operation of a large part of the tools
  • when possible, the automatic installation of the career mode configuration files, needed to run some script commands


Changing the application language

Also with the flag button, in the upper left, you can change the current language for the CONTROLLER. In FlagKeyaddition to Italian, English and French, we got translations into Spanish, Polish, Romanian and Greek. I’d like to add at least German and Portuguese, but I need help! In the installation package of the software, there is the template needed to perform the string translation from English. Please, contact me!

Some useful clarifications and necessary

Anyone who knows me, now for some year (!), is well aware that I am not a hacker, nor I have the skills needed to decode independently, complex files like those of a modern game. I’m “just” a decent programmer, with skills sufficiently large, to allow me to cover and to extricate myself, on all of the many areas, that the construction of an application such as this entails: graphics, data, I/O, network, ect…
Just to understand… all used controls, were rebuilt independently, starting from the base classes of the .net framework, to make your experience quite modern, user-friendly and with a graphical interface that, I hope, will be appreciated. All this… is not exactly easy!

Thank you Rinaldo!

However, if my work is possible, I owe it (indeed, all together WE owe it!) to RINALDO. For his skills, his competencies, and his availability, as from many years, he has agreed to let me use his valuable library. FMInside
I like to remember here some of his utilities, because they are the ones that I always used and those which I am very fond of: the File Master, to display and extract the files of the game, the DB Master to modify the database and, of course, the Creation Master, to make everything, absolutely everything, what we always dreamed to do with our Fifa. For my part, Rinaldo, the most sincere and grateful thanks.


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