Automatic update 2.1.2

img_engHello everyone! 🙂

Since yesterday it’s available the automatic update to the version 2.1.2, which is to be considered in preparation for the next that, within a couple of weeks at most, will see the introduction of the new tool i68Scripter!

Many aspects have been refined and several bug fixes. From the contextual menu you can also access a new feature that allows the installation of the necessary files for editing mode career and for simple manipulations of the competitions data, operations that will be made possible in parallel with the development of the new tool and the distribution of the new (scripts) templates. In this regard, it points out that this option is “smart” in the sense that it NOT overwrites those files that were already present in your “dlc” path, as installed by any other ‘mod’ used.

In recent days you have been able to appreciate (I hope!) the update of the Stadium Names Patch that adds the names of the stadiums for all teams in the game. That’s right, not only more for Italian ones, but all the names!! I thank silas1980 who has published the list, which I have improved (reduced names up to the visible max 30 characters!!) with little effort!


I also updated the Inter Graphic Patch! The wrong bump maps, made us to see on Fifa16 lot of ‘small dashes’ on the kits… not anymore! In addition, there is also a goalnet “nerazzurra” and four splendid fancards, which the game will randomly choose and display before every ‘important’ match, if you have installed the revolution mod. To activate them in career mode, you refer to the release of the Scripter that, among other things, will provide this command!


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